Can I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

If you want to make money on the internet, there are a few options for you as a blog or website operator. Making money through advertising is particularly well suited for this. However, this requires that you provide enough traffic on your own website.

can you make money with affiliate marketingHow much money you can earn with affiliate marketing really depends on the flow of traffic on your offer or offers. The higher the volume of traffic, the more money you’re going to be able to make with affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a partnership between a commercial company and a blog or website operator. Here, the website operator (affiliate) works with the company (Merchant) to create advertising opportunities on its own website.

As an affiliate, you advertise products and services from other providers on your website or blog in the form of advertising links, banners, or other advertising material. In return, you receive a commission to broker customers to online stores.

This is typically paid after a predetermined action is completed. In affiliate marketing, there are various billing models that will be discussed in more detail later.

How Is Creating Income With Affiliate Marketing Possible For You?

With affiliate marketing, you can build a good source of income alongside your business. Here are some different ways you can earn money as an affiliate.

1. Amazon’s Partner Program

Amazon’s Partner program is one of the world’s largest affiliate programs with hundreds of thousands of affiliates. With the affiliate program of Amazon, affiliates have the opportunity to advertise in the articles they present on their website. This can be done via text links, banners, or the like to receive a commission of up to 10%. The prerequisite for this, however, is that you operate your own website.

Benefits Of The Amazon Partner Program:

With a diverse product range of several million different products, the affiliate program offers suitable products for every affiliate’s website audience.

amazon-affiliateBecause of its reliability and punctuality, Amazon enjoys great trust from its customers which means that the purchase threshold for potential buyers is correspondingly low.

If a customer is brokered, the affiliate receives a commission on the entire shopping cart and not only on the product he has advertised. This is true even if the customer ultimately does not buy the product that was advertised via an affiliate link, but decides on other products.

Amazon pays the cost of advertising reliably and on time. You can choose one of three different methods of payment (bank transfer, check, or Amazon Gift Certificate).

Disadvantages Of The Partner Program:

For some product categories (televisions, smartphones, tablets, or PS4 consoles) there is an extremely low commission of 1%.

If a customer purchases a product on Amazon after a session (24 hours after he or she has accessed an Amazon product through the affiliate link), the affiliate will no longer receive a commission.

Even if there are some small disadvantages with Amazon’s Affiliate Program, it’s clear that the benefits of the program outweigh them. It’s a great way for you, as a website owner, to earn some extra money online.

How Can You Join As An Amazon Partner?

To participate in Amazon’s Partner program and begin making money from it, all you need to do is register for free and apply for the program. This application is subsequently reviewed by Amazon, which may take several days. After the check, you will be notified if Amazon has approved the request or if it has been rejected.

For example, the application may be declined if Amazon’s terms and conditions are not met. If Amazon determines your website is inappropriate for the affiliate program, you won’t be accepted. Inappropriate websites can be those that promote products containing sexual, violent content, or engage in illegal activities.

If you already have an Amazon account, you can easily log in using your access data. Otherwise, you must first create an account, which is a matter of only a few minutes. For the registration process, your account data and information about your website including topics covered and visitor behavior is required. It is important to set the desired payment method early. Just click on the button “Set payment method now”.

After you have agreed to the conditions of participation, it is then time to wait and have a little patience. You can also sign in to the Partner account. It is better to hold off on building amazon links into your website until you have received the participation confirmation from Amazon.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work On Amazon?

For the product inclusion on your site you can use:

  • Text links
  • Banner links
  • Site Stripes
  • Widgets (Bargain Widget or Search Widget)

With the tools provided to you, you can create a link from your website to Amazon with just a few clicks. For this you go in the Amazon store on the desired product page and click on the button “create link”. You choose the right link for you (e.g. text link or banner link). Amazon then generates an HTML code that you can copy and easily integrate into your website.

When logging in, a tracking ID will automatically be created that is included in the affiliate links to Amazon. This makes it possible to assign a buyer to a particular affiliate. If a customer now purchases something on your affiliate link on Amazon and buys something within 24 hours, you will receive a commission for the entire shopping cart.

The commissions may differ significantly depending on the product category; Video game downloads, software downloads, clothing, jewelry, luggage, shoes, watches and furniture are paid at 10% the highest commission.

How Much Money Can You Earn As An Amazon Partner?

This depends mainly on the following three factors:

Niche and Website Audience: It is important that you have discovered a good niche that features Amazon products that are bought online and that can be lucrative.

Traffic: The more traffic you have on your website, the more money you can earn with affiliate marketing.

Trust: If you have discovered a good niche topic for your audience, it is important that your website does not look dubious.

Otherwise, people just will not trust you. Therefore, pay attention to an appealing design – including the integration of Amazon affiliate links – and good content on your website. With a well-attended site that people trust, it’s quite possible to earn a few hundred to thousands of dollars a month with Amazon’s affiliate program.

2. Affiliate Marketing Via Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are platforms on which affiliates and merchants can sign up to each other. Affiliate networks act as mediators between the two parties and handle all payment matters. Belboon and Affilinet are popular affiliate networks.

The affiliate network provides the affiliates with advertising material that they can integrate into their website and from which they can promote products or services for merchants. If a user clicks on an affiliate link, it will be redirected to the website of an online shop. Compensation to the affiliate depends on the pre-defined terms between them and the merchant. There are many different compensation models in affiliate marketing.

The most common compensation models in affiliate marketing:

PPS: Pay per Sale (also CPS: Cost per Sale): In this form of payment, the affiliate only receives a commission if a customer has actually purchased a product via his affiliate link.

PPL: Pay per Lead (also known as CPL: Cost per Lead): This method only incurs costs for the advertiser when a previously defined “lead” action has been successfully completed. This action may be a registration for a newsletter, the ordering of a catalog, or the completion of a form. Unlike PPS compensation, this billing model does not require a sale to take place.

PPC: Pay Per Click (also CPC: Cost Per Click): In the case of the PPC model, the affiliate receives compensation as soon as a prospective customer clicks on his affiliate link or advertisement. This form of compensation is often calculated as a thousand-contact price.

For affiliates, participating in affiliate networks is free and provides great ways to make money online.

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3. In-House Affiliate Programs In Affiliate Marketing

In addition to affiliate networks and Amazon, there is another way to operate affiliate marketing; in-house partner programs. In the case of the in-house partner program, the merchant or the company that wants to run the affiliate program implements it themselves. Registration by the affiliate (blogger/website owner) for the affiliate program will take place on the each company’s individual website or through an affiliate marketing agency such as PartnerCentric.

The difference between affiliate networks and in-house affiliate programs is that as a publisher, you only need to sign up for affiliate networks once. Then you have access to numerous partner programs from different areas. The advantage for you is that all billing over all advertised affiliate programs run through one account. So you always have your receipts ready at a glance.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work For In-House Affiliate Programs?

With in-house affiliate programs, you have to sign up separately, specify your payment details each time, and you have different contact persons. Furthermore, it may be difficult for you to reach the minimum payout threshold as you will get different billing for each in-house affiliate program.

However, in-house affiliate programs also have some advantages. Due to the close contact to the merchant, publishers often get individual advertising material provided. Furthermore, the commissions are often much higher than affiliate networks.

If you are a beginner, then affiliate networks are better suited for you to build a foothold in affiliate marketing. If you have a good feel for the needs of customers and more traffic, in-house programs are more lucrative in most cases.

Popular In-House Partner Programs

Popular in-house affiliate programs include auxmoney and Tarifcheck24. If you have your own blog or website, you can sign up for the auxmoney affiliate program now to start earning money and securing a fixed extra income. To do this, you simply need to integrate Conversion-optimized text links or banner ads from the affiliate program into your website.

But even for affiliates who do not have their own website or blog, auxmoney offers a way to earn money. So you can recommend auxmoney on social networks like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. To advertise on social networks for auxmoney, you can either post your personal affiliate link or even post entire banners that you on the home page under “banner, graphics & links”.

Conclusion About Affiliate Marketing

If you have a lot of traffic on your site, you should not miss out on the opportunity to make some money with affiliate marketing. You can sign-up for one of the suggested programs for free. When selecting a partner program, you must make sure that the topic of the respective program is relevant to you and also offers that can be valuable to your target group.

Beware signing up to an irrelevant affiliate program as it can turn away users that you have already gathered.

I hope I’ve provided you with some useful resources to help you become an affiliate marketer. Are you already registered with one of the suggested affiliate networks and can share your experiences? Do you know other lucrative affiliate networks that you would like to suggest? We are always happy to receive comments and feedback below!