An Effective Website Design Starts With Your Marketing Thesis

The key to any effective website that is operating online today is its offer and its messaging. Websites that lack a clear and compelling offer encourages visitors to move on to the next website listed in the search rankings. Even if you are lucky enough to attract someone to your site, with a quality offer and effective messaging, they will not spend enough time there to learn what you are all about. You need to create and utilize a strategy that will draw them in, pique their curiosity, and encourage them to stay. Doing this will result in an effective website with measurable success.

Beginning with the first word in the text that people will see when they land on your website, every component of your content should be geared towards tempting visitors to read the following piece of content on your website. The objective is to get people engaged enough that you can offer them your story and describe why your company is exactly who and what they need. When you lack in engaging content and website design, people will not want to stick around long enough to learn what you are offering and what you stand for.

A compelling offer and effective messaging are necessities for a successful website, but unfortunately, they are not enough. You still need to generate traffic to your website if you expect to make any sales and profitable in your online endeavors.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Unquestionably, the absolute best traffic you can hope to drive to your website is organic search traffic. This is because people work with search engines when they are performing research that leads to a purchase. When you make the most of your opportunities to place your offer in front of a potential buyer who is looking for exactly what you are offering, you have a high chance of converting the prospective buyer into an actual buyer. Best of all, you are not interrupting their time when you are presenting them your offer. It all happens organically and, when properly executed, results in a happy buyer and a happy seller.

If you’re hoping to attract search traffic to your website, it needs to be properly optimized for search engines. When it is optimized in the correct capacity, your website will appear on Google and other search engines exactly when it should – while people are searching for the very products or services you are offering.

Having your website rank at the top of the search listings is not an easy task to achieve. In reality, one can expect 6 to 12 months of consistent work in order for it to perform as well as you would like. Yet, an appropriately optimized website is far easier to rank at the top of a simple Google search. When Google is able to comprehend the messaging your website is trying to convey, it will be far easier to amongst the top search results. Alternatively, if your website is finding itself not appropriately optimized for search engines, it will be quite a difficult task to get your site to rank on the first page, let alone at the top of the search results.

Mobile Responsive

Research tells us that over 60% of Google search traffic is originating from mobile devices. This has produced Google and other search engines to provide preference to websites that are mobile responsive. This means that a mobile responsive website is one that changes to conform to the size of the screen the user happens to be using. Because of this fact, it is good business sense for Google to want to send its users to websites that are meant to accommodate their viewing preferences.

A mobile responsive website will not only result in higher search rankings for you and your website, it will offer your visitors a better viewing experience. A mobile ready website will be less difficult to navigate because its interface will mesh with the user’s mobile device, be it a tablet, phone, laptop, etc.

In order to make the correct investment when it comes to driving traffic to your website, it is good business to make sure your viewers are able to appropriately navigate your site and properly interact with your content. If you find that half of your traffic is originating from mobile devices and having difficulty exploring what you have to offer, it will make it that much harder to properly scale your marketing energies.

Page Load Speed

Even if you are in the position of having an effective marketing thesis applies to your website that is attracting visitors and you have engaging content, none of that will matter if it is taking your website 20 seconds to load. We live in a wondrous technological age and, unfortunately, one of the unpleasant byproducts of that is a much shorter attention span. People who spend their time online are not at all patient and very few will wait 10 seconds for a page to load, let alone 20 seconds or even longer.

Subsequently, studies show that over 50% of mobile traffic leaves a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load! This translates to you losing half of your traffic before they have the opportunity to even experience your offer. The lesson is that having an exceptional offer is not enough. It has to be presented on a page that loads quick enough for people to view your content before they move on to another website.

Conversion Optimization

It matters little about how much traffic your website receives if it is not capitalizing on the traffic by converting the visitors into new customers. Your website must be designed in such a manner that it converts visitors into paying customers on a regular basis. Everything matters. From the way your menu is displayed to the particular words you use to get your point across, every little piece of your website must be optimized for conversions.

When you become the owner of a properly optimized website, then your strategy becomes clearer. Now it becomes a matter of driving more traffic to your site and getting visitors in front of your offer. If you are aware of the conversion rate of your visitors, then you can figure out how profitable your marketing system is and determine other areas that need more or less of an investment.

Custom Landing Pages & Funnels

With the short attention span, comes the easy distractions. Most people don’t recognize how many pitfalls happen online that keep you from seeking out what you went online for in the first place. As a website owner, if you hope to get a user to take a specific action you will want to create as a distraction-free environment as possible. Depending on the action you are hoping they take, actually sending them directly to your website could be disadvantageous for you. For example, if you are hoping to have people book a call with you then they could get distracted from something on a blog post or “about” page. This is where landing pages and funnels come into play.

By creating a landing page or funnel or your website, you can eliminate all other distractions that your website may have in order to keep your visitors focused on the action you want them to take. A landing page or funnel is meant to be clear and concise, offering only one decision for the user to make. They can either take the desired action or leave the page. By incorporating this strategy, you are encouraging your visitors to follow the plan you have laid out for them. When properly set-up, a landing page and/or funnel can produce great results on a consistent level.