Travis Wilkie

Digital Marketer & Entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Travis Wilkie and I’m here to share with you the lessons I’ve learned from building dozens of successful businesses using proven digital marketing strategies.

About 6 years ago I decided that I was fed up with working for a boss and wanted out. I first stumbled upon Digital Marketing when I took a web design course in college. Admittedly, I didn’t learn much in that class other than the simple fact that I was hooked on Digital Marketing and wanted to know everything I could about it.

 I jumped in and started taking courses, building websites, and practicing everything I was learning. The progress was slower than I had hoped until one day, I found a company that was offering a Digital Marketing platform that allowed you to build a business online and learn everything you needed to know about starting an online business right in one place. I was blown away by the level of knowledge they were sharing. Essentially I had found mentors, The Six Figure Mentors to be exact and they showed me a whole new side of Digital Marketing. I realized that by paying for Digital Marketing training I could speed up my learning curve. Eventually, I was able to start figuring out the Digital Marketing landscape.

About 2 years after discovering The Six Figure Mentors, I was able to build my first 6 figure online business. I’m now my own boss and I get to decide when I work and when I travel. I get to write my own paycheck and live the life that I want to live. It’s been nothing shy of extraordinary and it was all made possible by my mentors Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek from The Six Figure Mentors.

Because of the impact they have had on my life, I’ve decided it’s only fair that I give back to the online community and share what I’ve learned about Digital Marketing over the last 6 years. Hopefully, you can pick up some techniques and strategies here that will propel your success forward and cut time off of the journey to financial freedom and lifestyle abundance.


Travis Wilkie

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