Social Media Marketing

Are you aware that 79% of US internet users have Facebook accounts? That’s not all. Over 56% of online adults use more than one social media platform. This translates to the fact that a large majority of your customers are devoting much of their free time to social media.

Seeing as your customers are already finding themselves a presence on various social media platforms, it’s good business to reach out to them while they are there – as long as you can figure out which platforms they are frequenting. This is what makes social media so special. It offers you the opportunity to cultivate a relationship on a personal level with a group of people who may not have had the ability to find out about you and your business otherwise.

Social media is not only a productive medium in which to contact new users, it is also a valuable tool when it comes to fostering new and existing relationships. Because it takes the average person between 8 and 13 times of experiencing your offer before making the decision to purchase, it is vital that you keep your offer in front of your targeted audience and periodically build your relationship. Social media provides an effective outlet to make this happen in a real way.

As effective as it is, if you are not building and developing this relationship from the proper perspective, people will sniff you out as insincere and only looking for a quick buck. There is so much competition online – especially in social media – and, if you’re not sincere in your approach and compelling in your offer, you may do more harm than good. Not only do you need a compelling offer that grabs attention and resonates with your audience, you also need to ensure that you are coming from a respectful and caring place before you even begin.

Why Is a Social Media So Important?

Social media attracts a huge portion of the population. One that represents nearly demographic available. Since your potential audience is already there, why aren’t you reaching out to them on their preferred platforms? We promise that your competition is already a part of that world and is utilizing social media and its tools to cultivate and develop their online audience. The longer you wait to be a part of your potential customers’ lives, the longer it will take your business to be successful. Just because your competition got there first, does not mean that you cannot provide a better offer to their customers and bring yourself new business and take away business from the opposition.

Yes, social media provides you with a readymade opportunity to attract a readymade audience to your business. But it is up to you to deliver the goods in the form of the proper marketing thesis. Once your properly engineered website contains a compelling offer and effective messaging, then you can truly reap the benefits of social media’s targeted traffic and begin to convert more sales. The traffic that originates from social media should already recognize your company and what you do before they even land on your site. If you fail to cultivate these relationships beforehand, or before your site is ready, you will find opportunities slipping through your fingers. By growing and nurturing a following on social media, you will establish a social proof with your audience. With a properly engineered website for them to visit, you will create a path of success.

How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

There are several different and available social media platforms that are popular sources for new clients amongst companies these days. And each one of them has its own set of parameters that need to be learned and followed in order to capitalize on their potential as a revenue source. Some platforms are image-based while others are video-based, but all adhere to a similar set of principles. People are inherently social beings and we enjoy interaction and the sharing of ideas and opinions with other users. Social media allows these natural interactions to take place easily in a safe and convenient environment. For a business owner, your hope is to find a way into the conversation and develop a real connection with your potential audience.

Because people prefer to purchase from people and companies with which they are familiar, trust, and like, social media delivers a unique chance for them to really get to know you, your company, and what both are all about. This level of connection encourages deeper and deeper emotions that, in turn, should translate into your audience preferring, not only your company, but what you are offering. Do it right, and your competition will find themselves losing existing customers to you. Social media truly levels the playing field and offers a unique opportunity for those to succeed.

The primary objective for you on social media is the building of quality relationships. Considering your niche, this might require a different approach than other niches. But rest assured. The basic tenants of relationships are universal. It begins and ends with reciprocation in the form of communication and emotion. Social media allows you to connect, communicate, and respond on an emotional level with your target audience.

How Could Social Media Impact Your Business?

If you’ve prepared your site with a compelling offer and effective messaging, then generating new traffic via social media could exponentially increase your sales. There are so many users spending their time on social media that it has become a treasure trove for highly targeted traffic that could (and should) result in new customers for the right business. Additionally, the traffic you earn from social media platforms is often free because you are not paying for ads. It is considered organic traffic which makes it very profitable when achieved correctly.

If you apply your marketing thesis efficiently and effectively to your social media strategy, you can easily begin to produce a side income. It can generate traffic that you otherwise would not have generated. It offers you the capability to greatly increase your coverage area and locate new customers from a variety of online sources.

Take for example Montana Fire Pits. Here is a video we created that has generated over 85,000 views and counting. This is over 85,000 additional people that would have otherwise not known about Montana Fire Pits had we not developed this video. Since we applied our Digital Activation Marketing System to the Montana Fire Pits business, that extra media has been able to produce a consistent flow of new traffic that will then convert into sales and new customers over time.

Social Media Is A Vital Piece Of An Effective Marketing System

Once your website contains a compelling offer complete with the appropriate messaging and is optimized to convert visitors into customers, all that is left is to attract more targeted traffic to experience your offer. Social media is a terrific tool to do just that. It provides a huge user base who are highly targetable. You can utilize this in order to capitalize and generate more and more traffic to your offer.

Periodically, social media provides a conduit between you and your audience that becomes a key factor in making a new customer. It is a vital component in a successful marketing strategy but must be joined with additional tools. You must have a website with the appropriate messaging and follow up in order to make the most of these new visitors.