It All Starts With Your Marketing Thesis

Have you heard the term “marketing thesis” and been at a loss for what it actually means? You are not alone, nor are you alone in recognizing how valuable a tool it is. A marketing thesis is basically the central marketing argument that you employ in order to attract new customers. It contains your core offer(s) and the message that you employ in your marketing strategy to let potential customers know what exactly you are offering and why it is better than the competition’s offer.

To be honest, the failure of many businesses is due to their lack of strategy. Many companies believe they can create a website and pop up online and expect success. Unfortunately, in this day and age, you will be ignored. There are so many options available online and, unless you have a great offer, messaging, and most importantly, an effective marketing strategy that contains a solid marketing thesis, you will fail.

In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that the above strategy (or lack thereof) could produce enough of a result that it kind of worked. Unfortunately, those companies that just put a website online with a basic offer have found it much harder to be competitive and, unless they are willing to change, they will fail – if they haven’t already. New companies hoping to employ this substandard strategy might as well not even try. Because people learned real fast the treasure trove that the internet can provide, more and more businesses have popped up into the crowded market hoping to capitalize. Only the ones that are willing to make smart investments in strategy are successful.

Even the likes of the small-town handyman still must compete with the handymen in their community. Craigslist not only offers a free source of advertising that clouds the judgment of prospective clients, but sites like Home Advisor and Angie’s List offer quality sources of competition from which consumers can choose. Each of these companies, other than crowdsourced Craigslist, operate with a marketing budget that your pales in comparison to. In fact, it is likely each of their marketing budgets exceeds your yearly gross revenue. You can rest assured that companies such as these have invested heavily in creating a compelling marketing thesis that is sure to make an impression with their targeted audience. The good news is that you can compete with these giants.

Every niche available online equal opportunity for the little guy. But, unlike the early days of the internet, you cannot do it without a compelling message that is unique from the tons of online competition you face. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, but it is only those that operate from the proper vantage point that succeed.

Why Is Your Marketing Thesis So Important?

It cannot be said enough, it is not feasible to pop up online and exclaim, “Here I am, I’m open for business! You should buy from me and me alone!” Unfortunately, there are just too many competitors to make that an effective strategy. How much competition? It is estimated that there are over two billion websites online today with tens of thousands of news one popping up daily. The reason? Although crowded, it is an effective market and there is room for everyone. But, should you want to be successful, you’ll need to adhere to certain principles.

To operate a successful online business, you must engineer your messaging in a very specific manner. It must interest in intellectual and emotional ways in order to attract your target audience. It must be able to distinguish your company from the crowd and clearly define who you are and why your offer is better than anything else that is available.

Simply explaining what it is you offer, how it is wonderful, and expecting consumers to purchase from you is just not feasible. This is where an effective marketing thesis comes into play. Your marketing thesis must answer each objection, tantalize visitor emotion, and intellectually affect your audience. If you can make all of these things happen at once, then you have the opportunity to make sales and maintain your standing in cyberspace.

What Can An Effective Marketing Thesis Do For Your Business?

It cannot be said enough: an effective marketing thesis is the cornerstone of a quality online marketing strategy. It is imperative that you clearly distinguish what it is you offer and how it is better than the competition. If you hope to be successful, you must stick to this crucial principle. Online marketing is not rocket science. It is, however, a difficult road to travel if you do not stay on the correct path. An effective marketing thesis is the beacon that will keep your business going in the right direction for years to come.

We have a client that set up their own website, generated a little traffic, and was able to make sales on a fairly consistent basis. But, like so many companies that get off to solid starts, he was not able to capitalize on his limited success and sustain his sales for long. He contacted us and we used our digital activation audit to create his new marketing thesis. The results speak for themselves. Take a look at what happened when we applied his newly developed messaging to his online marketing strategy:

Could Your Marketing Thesis Be Holding You Back?

By now, you’ve no doubt figured out this answer. If you do not have a quality marketing thesis, you are most certainly missing out on new business. When people find your business online, it is more of a stumble. You see, it is not common for visitors to actually be searching your company out. More than likely, they had a question or wanted some general information about a subject and ended up on your site hoping to make a more informed decision.

Lucky you. They’ve landed on your website, social media page, or other medium and found you. Success is when preparation and opportunity meet. If you’ve prepared yourself with a compelling offer, you might just be able to close the deal right away. On the other hand, if you are not prepared and your message is not effective, they will simply stumble on to the next business they find. If that business is prepared with a great offer, you could never see them again.

With over two billion websites on the internet, it’s a certainty that there are competitors in your niche that possess a compelling marketing thesis. If you hope to compete, the smart action to take is to create an offer that is superior to the competition. If you can do this, then you can stand out and actually attract new business to your company and away from the competition.

How Your Marketing Thesis Ties Everything Together

For you to truly experience online marketing success, you must have a compelling marketing thesis that binds it all together. There is no other course of action. Without an effective marketing thesis, it is very difficult to get any facet of your online marketing to work.

If your audience experiences one message on your website yet experiences something entirely different on your social media platforms, they will be confused. This is why it is imperative that your marketing thesis is applied consistently across all of your marketing channels. This can even mean offline marketing efforts. Should you present yourself differently in print than online, you will run into issues that will negatively affect your performance. The more people that experience you offer, the more familiar they will become. Human nature tends to crave the familiar.

Your marketing thesis should be utilized across your social media accounts, email campaigns, paid ads, and any and all other forms of marketing, be it on or offline. By keeping your message consistent, you will emphatically increase your chances of becoming – and staying – successful. There is a reason why this is the first component of our Digital Activation Marketing System!