Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic search traffic is by far the most valuable search traffic you can hope to generate. It is recognized as some of the most targeted traffic available. Consider this: when you hop on Google it is often because you are looking for a solution to a particular problem – or at least find some information, albeit specific information. If you’ve gotten a flat tire and need to locate a mechanic or cut your hand are cannot tell if it needs medical attention, Google is often where you go. In this technological age, search engines are there to help us make as informed of a decision as possible. Note: if you’re injured, do not be afraid to seek actual medical attention and not just the digital kind.

When it comes to search traffic, you have the uncompromising ability to place your unique offer in front of a group of people who are actually searching for the very thing you offer! Consider that simple fact. Search engines are there to offer users tons of information but can also provide you with the opportunity to place your offer in an opportune situation to an opportune crowd.

Considering that organic search traffic is so specific and so targeted, it has become an extremely competitive and crowded market. With over two billion websites vying for attention in cyberspace, your website must be appropriately optimized for search engines if you have any hope of getting some of this attention in the form of organic search traffic.

How Does SEO Work?

Google takes into account more than 200 different factors when it displays a page’s ranking amongst its search results. In order to place on the first page of one of the searches, you must recognize exactly what it is that Google is looking for. It is interested in knowing whether or not your website is an authority in your niche and that your site possesses the content of which people are seeking. When you can get both of those things in line, you now have a decent opportunity to make it to the top of these organic search listings.

If your site does possess the content people are hoping to find but your site is relatively new, Google will not consider you as having the authority necessary to place at the top of the search listings. Unfortunately for you, it takes time to show Google that you are an authority in your niche and you must stay patient with this process. As frustrating as it may be at times, it is a nice feature that protects consumers that are searching for offers similar to yours. Google does not want to lead them to the wrong place. Keep in mind, this process will eventually pay off and you’ll be grateful as you see more and more targeted traffic driven to your site for next to nothing in cost.

It may be hard to wrap your head around the fact that Google is essentially formed by a vast number of bots whose job it is to scour all the sites on the web and index the information. They crawl websites, essentially reading the code, and distinguish what the website it, its authority level, and where it should rank in the search results. By speaking the language of these Google bots, you can optimize your website to let Google and other search engines know who you are and what you offer. This will help to rank for keywords that are related to your website.

Why Is SEO So Important For Online Success?

Research proves that over 80% of all online interactions begin with a search engine. This translates to the fact that, when someone goes online to search for anything, they are utilizing a search engine to find it. Oftentimes, people use a search engine to find a specific website instead of just going to the website itself! The only reason most people forgo a search engine for is to check and respond to emails and frequent various social media outlets. Basically, the bulk of your business will originate from search engines and you need to be in the position to capitalize from that.

Considering that 80% of all online interactions begin with a search engine, it is crucial that you recognize what is needed in order to show up in your prospective customers’ searches. It’s not as simple as someone just typing in what you offer. Remember, there are over two billion other websites taking up space online and it is no easy chore to make your business rank above them.

An important statistic to keep in mind is that over 50% of all search traffic that appears on Google finds itself exploring the top 3 results. This means that you will have to compete against tens of thousands of websites that are all trying to rank for the same keywords within the same niche! The result is a highly competitive arena that necessitates a deep understanding and ready knowledge of SEO practices.

If you do not get your SEO in line and have your website amongst the top search results, then you bet that someone else will. There are already quite a few of your competitors perched at the top of the Google page driving a majority of traffic to their sites. Don’t worry, you do have the ability to beat them out over time.

How Can SEO Affect Your Business?

An incredible aspect concerning organic search traffic is that it’s completely free! This is amazing considering how valuable it is. Because of this, you must recognize an additional level of competition in the market this encourages compared to other avenues of generating traffic.

Since there is no need to pay for organic search traffic, it means that scaling your business is a much easier feat. What we mean is that if you were receiving all of your traffic and sales from paid Facebook ads and you deciding to stop paying, you would stop generating traffic and ensuing sales. This does not apply to organic search traffic.

When you incorporate organic search traffic and once you are ranking and generating traffic to your website, videos, and/or additional content, that traffic will always be there – as long as you maintain your search rankings. If you find yourself in a niche with a fair amount of organic search traffic, this is a highly advantageous position to be in. Imagine the possible results for your overall business success that 5,000 website visitors costing the same as 10,000 or more website visitors. This level of scalability is unheard of and extremely beneficial!

SEO Is A Vital Piece To An Effective Marketing System

If you are not capitalizing on this highly targeted and highly affordable source of traffic, then you will find yourself in a difficult position to win any online battles. Again, it does not mean it is impossible to be successful without a firm grasp of organic search traffic, it is just going to be more difficult without a steady flow of target traffic to help with long-term performance.

A proper marketing system capitalizes upon organic search traffic and uses it to generate high-value customers at very profitable margins. This benefits your business growth over the long run. If you plan on being successful in our modern times, people are going to need to be able to locate you and your business online.

Even though organic search traffic is prized, you must always have a compelling offer and effective messaging on your website if you hope to convert your new traffic into paying customers. SEO is a vital component of a complete marketing system, but it cannot work alone. You need to incorporate all of the pieces if you hope to succeed.