Lead Nurturing Systems

Lead nurturing is an effective system that is put in place to be a driver towards the developing of relationships for prospective buyers. When done effectively, a lead nurturing system will be present during each stage of the buying process. Consumers prefer to purchase from those they know, like, and trust. When you create and foster a periodic relationship with your audience, you build trust and encourage them to seek you out and get to know you. This leads to trust, credibility, and likeability and that, in turn, leads to more sales.

When you don’t offer people the opportunity to get to know you and your business, it is going to be difficult for them to want to hand over their hard-earned money to you. It’s like buying from a stranger. If people don’t know much about your business, what makes it unique, or how you can help them, they have no cause to make a purchase. The businesses that enjoy the most online success, are those that are cultivating that ever-important relationship with their audience. It is very rare to only have one interaction with a potential buyer and have that end up in a sale. The visitors of those successful businesses actually see their offers in multiple online places, from their Facebook feed to their inbox. Has it happened to you? Do you wonder why?

Why Is a Lead Nurturing System So Important?

Research reminds business owners – especially those looking to secure an effective online presence – that potential customers need to see your offer between 8 and 13 times before they decide to make a purchase. With this being the situation, it would be a safe bet to presume that not many people make a purchase after seeing an offer for the very first time. For example, according to Episerver, 92% of consumers will make an initial visit to a brand’s website for reasons besides buying. Simple math tells us that only 8% of your visitors are actually there to make specifically make a purchase.

Considering hardly any people are visiting your website for the first time in order to buy something, there must be some system in place to encourage visitors to become repeat visitors and, hopefully, repeat customers. There are several tactics that can work for this goal, such as email newsletters and retargeting ads, but the most effective tactic to employ is that of a lead nurturing system.

Why do websites attract so many visitors with no intention to actually make a purchase? Times have changed, and people no longer make their regular purchases from big box retailers. The internet offers consumers the ability to weigh pros and cons, compare brands, and compare prospective businesses. This level of research is easy, and it leads to more informed decisions. A consumer can easily plug away at their favorite search engine and sort through each and every option available. They will compare all of these options and offers and eventually make the choice of a particular company they will deal with. It is an involved process that requires an involved system to be successful.

For you to maximize your conversions and capitalize on your traffic, you must be connecting with your potential buyers throughout the entire sales process. From when they make their first stop on your website to discover your offer, to the phase when they actually decide to make a purchase, it is imperative that you are in front of them the entire time.

So, How Exactly Does A Lead Nurturing System Work?

As seen above, potential buyers seldom commit to a purchase after experiencing and offer only once. How about you? Are you one of the above consumers? Odds are, the answer is yes. This is important because it helps to increase your insight into the buying process. A lead nurturing system prevents your audience from missing out on the opportunity to buy. It keeps your offer in front of them as they travel to various internet destinations. Again, there are multiple strategies involved but the most common way to follow up with a potential customer is through email.

You’ve probably experienced websites offering free PDF downloads in exchange for your email address. This is because it is an effective strategy for lead nurturing. If someone lands on your website for the first time and offers their email in exchange for a free offer – particularly one of value – you now have the capability to contact them periodically over email. This way, they are always kept in the loop regarding special offers, new products, and more.

You can send visitors emails at precise periods during the buying cycle and maximize your odds of converting a lead into a customer. Once you’ve come in contact with a potential buyer’s email, it will be that much more likely for you to develop and maintain a relationship with them. It is common practice to send an automated email series that introduces your business, explains why you are special, and helps cultivate a productive relationship between your business and potential customer. Employing this process will emphatically increase your chances of making a sale.

How Could A Lead Nurturing System Impact Your Business?

When done right, we’ve experienced lead nurturing systems that have increased overall conversions by as much as 110%! How is this possible? Consider this: if only 8% of your traffic is there to make an initial purchase, it’s crucial to stay in front of the remaining 92% of the people that have seen your offer. When you begin to maximize the other 92% of your initial traffic, your sales increase exponentially.

If you are attracting highly targeted traffic to your website, it is likely that you have invested time and money in order to make that possible. Because you are investing to attract those visitors, it is good business that you capitalize on the traffic of which you are attracting. A lead nurturing system is the piece to the marketing puzzle you’ve been waiting for.

By encouraging visitors to return to your offer periodically, you are developing a relationship with them that will turn into conversions. When you begin to convert more and more of the 92% that landing on your site for information and not to buy, your overall return on investment will improve and your online marketing system will start paying off.

Lead Nurturing Is A Vital Piece Of An Effective Marketing System

Just to be in possession of a website that is set up to receive traffic and make sales won’t be enough to create a profitable online marketing strategy. A crucial element to maximizing your marketing is follow up. It is imperative that you continue to stay in front of your audience as long as possible in order to maximize your traffic and create a profitable return on your investment.

With an effective lead nurturing system, you will begin to see increased performance in your website, your traffic, your conversions, and, most importantly, your bottom line. The 92% of visitors not looking to buy will decrease and your sales will increase. It is difficult to be profitable if you can only convert 1 or 2% of your overall traffic. An effective lead nurturing system will turn that 2% into 5 to 10% or even more!