Paid Ads

Now that you are operating a website that is set up properly with effective messaging that results in conversions, you can begin to generate traffic from paid ads and begin to turn that traffic into revenue. Paying for traffic from sources such as Facebook and Google Adwords provide the ability to be extremely specific about the type of traffic you are hoping to target with your offer. You have the capability to home in on the exact target audience you are looking for while being able to ignore those that are not likely to become customers.

This tight targeting can provide for the opportunity to utilize very profitable ads that also give you tons of data that you can put into play in other areas of your marketing. It is the industry standard to use paid ads to explore the effect of a new offer before going all in and making it a part of your website and overall marketing strategy. Employing paid ads to generate target traffic allows you the opportunity to periodically connect with a larger percentage of your target audience.

There are many reasons to use paid ads, but the most distinct advantage is its ability to be scalable. Considering you are opening up your wallet to pay for traffic, it is good to know that such traffic can be increased or decreased by how much money you are putting into it. That’s right. By simply changing your budget, you can be in control of how much traffic you are generating. If you find your self in a slow phase and are looking to generate more business, all that is needed is to add to your budget and more traffic will appear. Whether or not this traffic converts to sales is dependent upon you and if you are operating a properly set up website.

The key to maximizing the capabilities of paid ads is to begin with crafting a special offer that is attractive and compelling in its messaging. If your offer does not resonate with your audience, then you can imagine how difficult it will be to be successful. After you’ve created a compelling message, it is just a matter of distinguishing which platform your target audience is frequenting. There are two major players that tend to stand out in the market. Can you guess which ones? You got it. Facebook and Google are where you should be spending your time and effort.

Harnessing The Power Of Facebook Ads

There is just shy of 8 billion people living on this Earth and 3.5 billion of them can be found on Facebook. That is almost half of Earth’s population! Yes, Facebook does have a giant user base but it also is in possession of a ton of information regarding each of its users. All of this data can be accumulated and applied by anyone utilizing their Facebook Ads platform to target and display ads to all the people across this enormous network.

With so many visitors and so much data compiled for each user, it makes sense for Facebook to be one of the top advertising platforms available today. With Facebook, you have the capability to target a very specific audience. With options like age, sex, interests, and tons of other variables, you can target exactly who you want to see your offer. And, if the offer is good, you can expect a serious uptick in sales.

The valuable combination of targeting and audience size helps you to bring in new business that otherwise would have never seen your offer to begin with. By reaching out to prospective business where they spend their online time, instead of sitting and hoping they come to you, allows you to expand your reach and effectively improve your conversion rate and your sales.

Increase Sales With Google Ads

An extremely powerful tool that Google allows is for business owners to provide their offer to people who are actively looking to buy what you are selling! If you get a flat tire and are stuck on the side of the road, posting your predicament on Facebook will likely not result in a repair shop or tow service finding you. On the other hand, if you take out your phone and do a quick Google search for a repair shop close to you, you’re going to find it instantly.

This is a simple example, but it is meant to point out that users go to Google when that are looking for answers, product, or services. By using Google Ads, you are getting your offer in front of the right people at exactly the right time. By strategically creating a tantalizing offer and putting into play in front of those searching for it, it is conceivable to generate business with minimal and efficient time and effort. All that is needed is to pay for the traffic!

This also provides you with the ability to turn this search traffic off and on. For example, if you are dealing with an unseasonably busy month and find yourself maxed out, then all that is needed is to pause your Google Ads and the traffic will cease to find you. The next month you can turn the ads back on and even increase your budget in order to increase your prospective customers. Once you’ve mastered this process and understand how to be profitable, it is simply a matter of turning up or down the traffic in order to increase or decrease your sales.

Google Adwords also affords you the opportunity to retarget those that have previously visited your site but did not make a purchase. This means that, if someone has visited and not made a purchase, then they will begin to see your ads in other online destinations. Google possesses a display ads network that literally lets you place your ads on other websites that people go to after they go to your site. This helps to bring back that same traffic without doing any more work!

Creating Multiple Touch Points With Retargeting Ads

For those to make a purchase, they will have to have seen your offer between 8 and 13 times before they pull the trigger. This means that most people who land on your website will not make a purchase the first time they are visiting. They will need to come back and experience your offer many times before they finally make the decision to buy. The best way to combat this behavior is through retargeting ads.

Retargeting ads gives you the opportunity to bring people back to your site after they leave without buying or turning into a lead. Both Google and Facebook have retargeting ability available on their ads platforms. By taking advantage of the paid targeting ads on each platform, you can make sure that people experience your offer many times. This will ultimately increase the chance that they purchase from you and not from the competition.

Be advised it is simply insufficient to just set up retargeting ads that tell your audience to buy from you. You must incorporate a compelling offer and effective messaging if you hope to profit from these ads. It is also crucial that you send people the correct information based on the phase of the buying cycle they are in. With some careful strategy, it is conceivable to create retargeting ads that increase your conversion percentage by 5 to 10 times!